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Bigboss Season 3 final contestant List

The third telugu season of Bigg Boss-3 is all to set grand launch on july 2st. King Nagarjuna will be taking all the hosting responsibilities this bigboss telugu season-3. The bigboss telugu season-3  has  a hot topic even before the launch . Anchor Shwetha Reddy and actress Gayatri Gupta cases filed in this season. The total 15 contestants will enter the house and compete with each other in bigboss house  for 100 days.

Bigboss final contestants Lists .

1.Varun Sandesh

2.Vithika Sheru



5.Purnavi Bhupalem



8.Raghu Master

9.Thammana Simhadri

10.Mahesh Vitta (Fun Bucket)


12.Swathi Teenmar

13.Jaffar (Journalist)

14. Baba Master

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