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Anchor Shiva Success Story

Anchor Shiva Biography :

Mr. Shiva prasad Pydi is popularly known as “Anchor Shiva”. Anchor Shiva was born in 27 May 1996 at Srikakulam. He is Son of Mr. Rama rao, who worked as driver for one of the News channels. Anchor shiva done his schooling in Visakhapatnam. Intermediate and Graduation completed in Srikakulam.

He started his career as contributor in a News channel. He is a visionary guy and he developed his circle of contacts. He wanted to become an actor and tired for it. But he got hand full of rejections in the initial stage of his career trails. He changed his mindset and prepared himself for anchoring in 2017.

He started his debut anchoring in 2017. He got Neither technical nor financial support from anyone. So he took a gold loan and produced his first ever interview, but it went horribly wrong and he failed. Editor commented on him for the anchoring style and suggested him to quit anchoring. But he took it as a challenge and developed himself and corrected all the mistakes.

For the second interview, he went to Hyderabad from Visakhapatnam for some other’s YouTube channel. He did it great and the interview was a success. After that, He worked for 6-7 channels and decided to start a own channel which resulted in Mana media creation. Mana media, Anchor shiva’s own channel was started on 16th September 2019.

Over just couple of months, Mana media channel rolled out Number one(No.1) channel in AP and Telangana over other interviews related channels. Beauty of the story is NRIs(Non Residential Indians) from different countries started watching Mana media channel.

He built a huge fan base across pan India and some foreign countries as well.

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